IHI Buying Guide

What Is It?

The IHI Buying Guide is a customizable product finder that connects prospects with the products and services they need most. Marketers can capture detailed insights about prospects’ preferences across their channel and ad network, and optimize product placement.

What Makes It So Great?

There's nothing better than a salesperson who is there when you need them and gone when you don't! Like an in-store salesperson, our Buying Guide asks questions and then makes a recommendation based on the responses—or lets prospects browse products and narrow down the options themselves.

Either way, marketers can drive product preference and increase engagement and conversion. At the same time, marketers capture detailed information about prospects' preferences across their channel and advertising network.

Best of all, unlike other "recommendation engine" solutions, the IHI Buying Guide brings personalized shopping experiences—along with your product catalog—to your prospects, wherever they are online.

Buying Guide results are staggering: Engagement rates are more than 60% for web, 88% for mobile. Compare that to industry averages of just 2 - 3.5% for mobile! Prospects view Buying Guides for an average of 2.5 minutes, multitudes better than industry averages of just 42 seconds. Users spend around 10 minutes on mobile Buying Guides. (Based on a 12-month average. Industry averages from Doubleclick and MediaMind.)

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