What Is It?

An Adverguide™ is a smart ad that engages prospects with a series of questions to help them make purchasing decisions, and then serves up a recommendation from a dynamic product catalog. Prospects can navigate, get information, and even purchase right inside the ad—without leaving the site they’re on.

What Makes It So Great?

Adverguide™ lets you bring your e-commerce store right to your prospects instead of them finding you. Prospects see relevant information on a site they trust—resulting in industry-leading engagement and conversion rates.

In fact, an Adverguide™ converts, on average, more than 3x as many prospects to a qualified action than any other online ad offerings.

Because the Adverguide™ is a dynamic ad unit, you can automatically update prices and SKUs across your network–so your ad is never obsolete!

“The Adverguide has delivered higher conversions than traditional marketing tactics with a significant number of visitors requesting to be contacted after viewing online demos right in the ad.”
- Usman Sheikh, VP SAP EcoHub, Global Ecosystem and Partner Group

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